Lost in landscape

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With this series of monochrome landscape photographs I demonstrate a change in my thoughts and approach to photography. During one of my trips I experienced the complexity of capturing a landscape with a camera. It turned out not to work as I expected and was unsatisfactory. From that doubt a more intuitive approach to the subject of ‘landscape’ emerged. The landscape turned out to have no ’thingness’ that you can capture. Spending days in solitude in an environment that is beautiful one moment and threatening the next; the unyielding presence, the hardness and structure of the land and the irregularity of its shape made for an unsettling experience. What is a landscape and that it is there, the surprise about that. The physical experience has become more important than the aesthetic perception. This experience is reflected in photography.

Just before dawn, reality and time are veiled. The latter hardly seems to be there at night. Only when I press the shutter button time start to count, a few seconds, a minute. Then everything stands still again. At night there is a deep slowness, the absence of reality and time.
Or a different reality because time accumulates layers of light and there appears to be a lot present in the almost dark.